President Trump announced today he is declaring a national state of emergency due to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. Renal Care Options provides care to a patient population at high risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus. In response to news of the virus in early January, the RCO New Renality care team immediately activated an established emergency preparedness plan.

When asked for comment, Brenda Lepley, COO, of Renal Care Options responded, ” We have been
tracking all guidance information from CDC, CMS, and NKF, as well as information from local, state and
regional government agencies since we became aware of the Covid-19 occurrence in China. We have
communicated with our New Renality doctors, patients, families, and staff, to review policies and
procedures and educate everyone on best practices during this outbreak. We will continue to monitor and
assess this situation and will communicate changes to our current practices by utilizing all resources
including our Telehealth capabilities.”

RCO leadership is committed to promoting a safe environment for patients and staff and, most importantly, to providing continuing vital renal care services for the patients we serve.

About New Renality

New Renality is a chronic and acute kidney disease management provider giving patients a better quality of
life and reducing healthcare costs through innovative technologies, partnerships with local health care
professionals, SPARK education programs and in-home therapy as a first option.

About Renal Care Options, LLC

Renal Care Options, LLC, the parent company of New Renality, partners with providers and payors to
reduce the cost of care and improve the quality outcomes for patients with renal disease utilizing data
analytics, early intervention, and chronic care delivery.